From surgeons to surgeons

The multi-functional Berlin surgery-coach

for conventional and laparoscopic
stitches and anastomotic techniques

The concept of the multi-functional Berlin surgery-coach (BOPT)

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The practice of stitches and anastomotic techniques to prepare real surgeries has got a rising relevance to the advanced education in the surgery. While there are real and virtual simulators for laparoscopic practices, there are no realistically simulators for conventional techniques.

The concept of the multi-functional BOPT unite all current methods of conventional visceral-surgical abdominal surgical techniques in one modell. Moreover, the BOPT is also for laparoscopic practices applicable. Next to the realistically image of the abdominal cavity there are also important aspects like the exposition and location of the operated organs in the situs and the position of the surgeon realistically simulated. This makes it possible to operate upright and in a realistically position to the OP-situs.

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The BOPT offers by the use of given openings (gall duct, oesophagus, rectum) and the two removabel moduls (upper abdomen, little pelvis) the opportunity to practice encroachments in the abdominal cavity with the aid of extern brought in preparations and organs close to reality. The specific construction of the two named moduls enables the simulation of surgeries in different degrees and nearly zooming modulation ot the "depth" and so the access to the situs or abdominal cavity (e.g. the height of the med. anastomosis in the little pelvis).


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